Draft Planning Proposal Policy

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Draft Planning Proposal Policy

Closes: 19/07/2017 4:00pm

We are seeking your feedback on the Draft Planning Proposal Policy which sets out how Council will progress ‘Planning Proposals’ to amend the Wollondilly Local Environmental Plan 2011. The Draft Planning Proposal Policy will be on public exhibition from Wednesday 7th June 2017 until Wednesday 19th July 2017.


The Wollondilly Local Environmental Plan 2011 is the legislation that guides decisions on development and land use within Wollondilly. It does this through zoning land and development controls which set what can and cannot be undertaken on the land. It is made up of a written document and a series of maps. The local environmental plan sets the strategic direction for land use planning.


To amend the WLEP 2011 a ‘Planning Proposal’ must be prepared. A Planning Proposal is a written document which explains the intended effect of a proposed amendment to the local environmental plan and considers the potential impacts. It also considers the potential impacts and sets out the justification for the change(s). Amendments can deal with many different matters such as heritage listing buildings, rezoning land for residential development, amending to the minimum lot size to allow subdivision of land, identifying land for acquisition.


The ‘Planning Proposal’ is used by Council’s and NSW Government, public agencies and other key stakeholders, as well as the general community to inform and make decisions on land use matters.


Further Information

For more information and to make a submission online go to Council’s community engagement website: www.engage.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au



Draft Planning Proposal Policy