Animals Lost or For Sale

View from Warragamba Lookout

LEXI $280.00

English Staffy - Dog / Age: 8 Years / Sex: Female

Ref: 17/201    Kennel: K11

Lexi is such a good girl.  She is happy and friendly and came into the shelter with another Staffy and a Maltese X who she got along very well with. ...

DIESEL $280.00

American Staffordshire Terrier - Dog / Age: 1.5 Years / Sex: Male

Ref: 17/226    Kennel: K12

Diesel is a big and boisterous young dog.  He is very friendly and outgoing.  Staff and volunteers are currently working on some basic training with Diesel which he will  benefit...

MILO $280.00

Kelpie X Cattle - Dog / Age: 10 Years / Sex: Male

Ref: 17/104    Kennel: K25

Milo is an older fellow.  He likes some dogs but doesn't like others so would need to meet any new siblings before being adopted to see if they get along. ...