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Photo of #378 number 1
  • Cost: $280.00
  • Type: American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Breed: Dog
  • Ref: 17/226
  • Kennel: K12
  • Age: 1.5 Years
  • Sex: Male


Diesel is a big and boisterous young dog.  He is very friendly and outgoing.  Staff and volunteers are currently working on some basic training with Diesel which he will  benefit from.  He needs a strong owner who is willing to continue to teach him how to be a polite boy.  He is probably a little too rough for a home with young children.  Diesel isn't bothered by the other dogs in the shelter which is a great sign considering he has been an only dog and hasn't received much socialisation with other dogs during his life.  We have allowed him to meet with one of our other dogs, Mango, and he responded well to her and showed no aggression whatsoever.  Diesel is extremely handsome and will make a great pet to someone looking for a bigger dog who they want to spend a lot of time with.