Application for Commercial Directional Sign

While advertising signs are not permitted within the road reserve, signs of a non-promotional nature that serve to provide information relating to the direction towards a feature may be considered.

If approved, the supply of these signs will be at the applicants’ expense. The current cost of the name boards and annual licence fee (due 30 June), is in accordance with Council’s current Schedule of Annual Fees and Charges

The signs are Class 2 reflectorised white letters on blue background with the dimensions of the sign being 1200mm by 200mm.
Council will order the sign and erect at the nearest intersection on a pipe frame. All sign boards are supplied and erected by Council to maintain uniformity.
Manufacture and delivery time of signs from supplier is approximately 6 to 8 weeks. Upon receipt of the payment, the work will be programmed for the erection of the sign.
In the event of vandalism to the sign, the cost of replacement is to be borne by the applicant at the price ruling at the time.


Download the Application for Commercial Directional Signage, or fill in the online form below.

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Important Notes:

  • Payment for the sign is NOT to be made at time of lodgement of this form.
  • You will be advised via a letter if the application is approved.