Business Support

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The Tourism and Business Investment Team facilitates a number of business support services to help you sustain your business.


BizConnect is about allowing local business people to have access to a platform that allows them to make connections with other serious business people. It can be difficult to get the advice and help necessary to run a successful business. The BizConnect network allows you the opportunity to make contact with other business people and gain the insights and assistance that you need to make a difference to your business. There are a number of ways that this contact is made, through seminars run, or through direct contact with the business people.

Growing your Business

When it comes to decisions on how to grow your business, the Tourism and Business Investment Team can provide you with the advice needed to help make the decision easier. By getting in contact with the Tourism and Business Investment Team, you can organise appointments with business specialists or a member of the team themselves, to allow you with the opportunity to ask the questions that you need, and to get the advice that is required to make the best decisions possible.

Mentoring and Training

It’s a hard gig running a successful business. The Tourism and Business Investment Team, in tandem with the BizConnect service, provide businesses with the mentoring and training that can help make this easier and less stressful. With advice given from both services, you can have the support required to help make your business more successful.

Forms and Regulations

There are a number of forms that are required when running a business, however not all businesses need to be registered with Council. To check whether you need to register your business please contact Council.


Council's Tourism and Business Investment Team on 4677 1100 or