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Wollondilly is the ideal location for investment as it is located in MacArthur, one of the fastest growing regions in Sydney. There are a number of infrastructure advantages that Wollondilly has over other regions, including, but not limited to, its close proximity to Wollongong, Sydney, and Canberra. This section will help to clarify and outline these advantages, as well as provide information about the infrastructure present in the Wollondilly.


Running a business requires effective transportation, regardless of the size of your enterprise. Wollondilly has access to numerous transportation routes that will get your product where you need it to go.

Hume Highway – The Hume Highway runs east of the majority of the Wollondilly Shire. This Highway provides direct access to the Sydney CBD, and passes through the major centres of the MacArthur region, including Camden and Campbelltown. The ease with which this highway allows access to Sydney makes running a business in the Wollondilly or finding employment outside of the region simple.

Picton Road – Picton Road is another major access point for the Wollondilly, as it provides direct access to Wollongong, and subsequently Port Kembla and the South Coast. This road is particularly important for the Mining and Manufacturing sectors, as it provides these businesses with access to Port Kembla and the numerous benefits associated with this Port.

Port Kembla – As mentioned above, Port Kembla is accessible to the Wollondilly Shire through Picton Road. Port Kembla is one of the major shipping ports in NSW, and indeed Australia. It is a major exporter of coal and steel that is produced in the area, as well as a trade including bulk cargoes, containers, and motor vehicle imports and grain. This provides investors within the Wollondilly, particularly in the Mining and Manufacturing sectors, with access to the global markets that Port Kembla can provide.

Southern Highlands Railway – The railway that runs through Picton is just another option for businesses to transport resources around the region and the state. It provides access to Sydney and the Southern Highlands that surround the region.

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Broadband Internet – Currently, the Wollondilly Shire uses broadband internet. In an age where most businesses require constant access to the internet for importing or exporting needs, the provision of a reliable connection is essential. This connectivity is set to drastically improve with the introduction of the NBN to the region this year.

National Broadband Network (NBN) – The NBN is currently being rolled out in parts of the Wollondilly region. This will provide the region with fast, reliable internet services. The rollout is expected to begin in 2016. This provides businesses and residents in the Wollondilly with access to the quality internet service that they require to run and operate here in the Shire. It is being rolled out in the areas that need it the most. 

To see the progress of the NBN in the Wollondilly, and to check if you are NBN ready, please click here