Matt Gould

View from Warragamba Lookout

Matt Gould

Deputy Mayor - North Ward

Matt Gould

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Mobile: 0427 936 471


I’m a 31 year old father of three and work for an Emergency Service as an Online Communications Specialist. I have lived in the Warragamba/ Silverdale area for my whole life and my connection to the area (and the wider Shire) runs deep.

I’m a dedicated member and Deputy Captain of Silverdale Rural Fire Brigade and have been involved in many local committees, groups and initiatives.

I am deeply humbled to have been given the opportunity by the people of North Ward to represent them on Council and I will work tirelessly to deliver on the vision that I have outlined for our area.

In particular I believe in:

  • Protecting the way of life we currently enjoy in Wollondilly. Whilst some development and growth within the Shire is inevitable it needs to be carefully controlled to ensure it is consistent with, and does not compromise, the character and lifestyle of each individual village, particularly in regards to block sizes, growth rates and population density.
  • Developing our Tourism potential. Wollondilly has an amazing natural beauty, from our rural farmlands to our national parks and water catchments. We have significant untapped opportunities such as the Warragamba Dam and Burragorang Lookout. There is also the potential for significant eco and farm based tourism within the area, and many of the villages have significant historical value.
  • Developing and repairing our Infrastructure, with a particular focus on our main roads. Whilst the relatively small population and large amount of road within the Shire means that realistically Wollondilly will never have the same standard of roads as some of the large city councils, the main and most heavily trafficked roads within the Shire need to be of a higher standard.
  • Supporting Agriculture within the Shire. With the loss of many traditional farming areas due to urban expansion in other parts of the greater Sydney Basin Wollondilly is in a unique position to benefit from this and become Sydney’s food bowl.

Joint Regional Planning Panel | Water NSW Local Government Reference Panel | Yerranderie Management Committee