Proposed Integrated Development - 1000 Picton Road Wilton, 15 Janderra Lane Wilton, 990 Picton Road Wilton, 5 Janderra Lane Wilton

View from Warragamba Lookout

Proposed Integrated Development - 1000 Picton Road Wilton, 15 Janderra Lane Wilton, 990 Picton Road Wilton, 5 Janderra Lane Wilton

Closes: 06/08/2018 5:00pm

A Development Application has been received by Wollondilly Shire Council for the use of the following land:

Property:                                1000 Picton Road Wilton, 15 Janderra Lane Wilton, 990 Picton Road Wilton, 5 Janderra Lane Wilton. Lot: 25 DP: 253157, Lot: 75 DP: 837310, Lot: 51 DP: 626650, Lot: 2 DP: 88145, Lot: 1 DP: 445344, Lot: 16 DP: 253158.
For the purposes of:            701 lot Torrens title residential subdivision and associated works
Applicant:                              Walker Corporation
Consent Authority:               Sydney Western City Planning Panel

The Development Application is an Integrated Development under Section 4.46 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979.  Approval from Roads and Maritime Services in respect to an approval under Roads Act 1993, authorisation from NSW Rural Fire Service in respect to a Bushfire Safety Authority under Section 100B of the Rural Fires Act 1997, and an approval from Department of Environment & Heritage under section 90 of the National Parks & Wildlife Act 1974.

The application and plans relating to the proposal may be inspected at Council’s Offices, 62-64 Menangle Street, Picton, between 8.30am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday (public holidays excepted) for 31 days commencing 5th July 2018.

Any person may make a written submission in relation to the Development Application. 

Submissions will be received until 5.00pm on 6th August 2018. Any written submission may become a public document.  Please quote Council’s file number 010.2018.00000339.001 on any submission.  Enquiries may be directed to Andrew Golden on telephone (02) 4677 9795 or email

(Under S10.4 of the EP& A Act, any person making a submission is required to disclose reportable political donations and gifts ($1000 or more) made to any local councillor or staff member within 2 years of making of the submission.  If the application or gift is made after the submission, a disclosure must be made within 7 days of that donation or gift having been made.  Details of information required in the disclosure can be found on our website under Important Notice - Development Proposals and Donations or Gifts.

Any submission you make is open to public scrutiny.  Council is required to release written comments or submissions under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 [GIPAA].  The Act imposes obligations on us to place submissions on Council’s website and submissions may be used in Council reports or court proceedings.  In this regard, your comments should be restricted to the proposed development.


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Building Design Guidelines

Picton Buslines Response

Gas Infrasructure

Indicative Retaining Wall layout Plan

Koala Corridor

Landscape DA Plan

Landscape master Plan

Local Center

Noise Plan

Pedestrian and Cycle network

Water Cycle Management Heritage

Bulk Earthworks Plan

Bushfire Risk

Civil Plan

Density Plans

Local Open Space and Community Infrastructure

Open Space Network

Road Hierarchy Plan

Site Plan

Staging & Infrastructure Plan

Subdivision plan

Survey Plan

Tree Removal & Retention Plan

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment

Acoustic Study

Arborist Report

Bushfire Report

Flora & Fauna Assessment

Safety management Study

State VPA

Stormwater Management Study

Waste Management Plan

Archaelolgical Study

Bulk Earthworks Report

Contamination Report Phase 2

CSG Well Capping Reports


Site Auditor Report

Statement of Environmental Effects

Statement of Heritage Impact

Traffic Impact Assessment

Utilities Servicing report

Slope Analysis