Proposed Nominated Integrated Development - 91 -103 Menangle Street, Picton

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Proposed Nominated Integrated Development - 91 -103 Menangle Street, Picton

Closes: 28/09/2018 5:00pm

A Development Application has been received by Wollondilly Shire Council to use the following land:

Property:                       91 -103 Menangle Street, Picton (Lot: 1 & 2 DP: 559292, Lot: 18 & 19 DP: 1065519, Lot: 1 DP: 81348, Lot: 22 & 23 DP: 58686)
For the Purpose of:     Demolition of structures, construction of 3 residential flat buildings consisting of 26 residential units, construction of multi dwelling housing consisting of 35 townhouses & villas, retention and relocation of 2 existing dwellings, car parking, internal driveways, tree removal, site works, landscaping and amalgamation of 7 Lots to 2 Lots
Applicant:                    Corbett Constructions Pty Ltd
Consent Authority:      Wollondilly Shire Council

The Development Application is a Nominated Integrated Development under Clause 5(1)(b) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulations 2000.

Approval for the proposed development is required from the NSW Office of Water under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979, in respect of an approval under Section 91 of the Water Management Act, 2000 and NSW Rural Fire Service under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979, in respect to a Bushfire Safety Authority under the Rural Fires Act 1997.

The Development Application is required to be advertised in accordance with Wollondilly Development Control Plan 2016 and also Schedule 1 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979 as amended.

The application is being re-advertised due to amendments to plans, including a reduction in the number of residential units proposed to 26, and an increase in the number of townhouses and villas proposed to 35. Furthermore, the application is subject of a Class 1 appeal in the Land and Environment Court for the deemed refusal of the application.

The application and plans relating to the proposal may be inspected at Council’s Offices, 62-64 Menangle Street, Picton, between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday (public holidays excepted) for 15 days commencing 13 September 2018.

Any person may make a written submission in relation to the Development Application.  Written submissions received may become a public document.  Submissions will be received until 5.00pm on 28 September 2018. Please quote Council’s file number 010.2016.00000472.001 on any submission.  Enquiries may be directed to Aimee Lee (02) 4677 9585 or email

(Under S10.4 of the EP& A Act, any person making a submission is required to disclose reportable political donations and gifts ($1000 or more) made to any local councillor or staff member within 2 years of making of the submission.  If the application or gift is made after the submission, a disclosure must be made within 7 days of that donation or gift having been made.  Details of information required in the disclosure can be found on our website under Important Notice - Development Proposals and Donations or Gifts.

Any submission you make is open to public scrutiny.  Council is required to release written comments or submissions under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 [GIPAA].  The Act imposes obligations on us to place submissions on Council’s website and submissions may be used in Council reports or court proceedings.  In this regard, your comments should be restricted to the proposed development. 


Schedule of Revisions

DA1.1 (a) Site Plan

DA1.1 (b) Fence Details

DA1.5C Carparking Diagrams

DA2.1F Townhouse Type A

DA2.2F Townhouse Type B

DA2.3F Townhouse Type C_ Style B

 DA2.4F Townhouse Type C_ Style A

DA3.1 Townhouse Row A

DA3.2 Townhouse Row B

DA3.3 Townhouse Row C

DA3.4.A Townhouse Row D

DA3.5.A Townhouse Row D First Flr 

DA3.6A Townhouse Row E

DA3.7.A Townhouse Row F

DA3.8.A Townhouse Row F First Flr 

DA3.9.A Townhouse Row G

DA3.10.A Townhouse Row H

DA3.11.A Townhouse Row H First Flr

DA3.12A Townhouse Row J

DA3.13.A Townhouse Row K 

 DA3.14.A Townhouse Row K First Flr

A4.1A Res Flat Building 1, Level 1

DA4.2G Res Flat Bldg 2, Level 1

 DA9.1A Cottage Plans

 DA9.2A Cottage 1

 DA9.3A Cottage 2

DA9.4A Cottage 3

L 05A Landscape_ Marked up detail

L 06A Landscape_ Marked up detail

L 07A Landscape_ Marked up detail