Draft Planning Agreement

View from Warragamba Lookout

The draft Planning Agreement is a proposed voluntary legal agreement between Walker Corporation Pty Ltd and Wollondilly Shire Council that identifies monetary contributions and physical works that will be undertaken if development on the Macquariedale Road site proceeds. It has been prepared to complement the Planning Proposal.

Community feedback was sought on a draft Planning Agreement in September 2014. The draft Planning Agreement has been revised in response to the previous consultation.

The draft Planning Agreement proposes a number of community benefits should the development proceed. It proposes works to the value of approximately $9,550,000 to be spent in or near the development site. The works to be delivered under the Planning Agreement include the following:

  • Cycleways,
  • Undergrounding of power lines on Appin Road and Macquariedale Rd;
  • Intersection upgrades along Appin Road to improve safety,
  • “Community Chest’ to fund community projects;
  • “Green Fund” to fund environmental projects
  • Expansion of Gordon Lewis Oval and carrying out of embellishment works
  • Amenity improvement works along Macquariedale Rd.  


Draft VPA for Macquariedale Road South Appin

Explanatory Note


Draft VPA Site Identification Map (SIM)