Macquariedale Road, Appin Planning Proposal

View from Warragamba Lookout

The Planning Proposal seeks to rezone land within the site from its current mostly rural land use zone to permit low and medium density housing and to ensure the environmental management of ecologically important land.

It seeks to do this by amending maps that form part of the Wollondilly Local Environmental Plan 2011 relating to land zoning, height of buildings, lot size and natural resources (biodiversity).

The Wollondilly Local Environmental Plan 2011 is the principal legislation that controls development and planning decisions for the Wollondilly Local Government Area. 


Planning Proposal V.4 Public Exhibition Macquariedale Road

Appendix F Gateway Determinations

Appendix G Aboriginal Historic Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Values

Appendix H Due Diligence Aboriginal Heritage Assessment Aug 2014

Appendix I Initial Historic Heritage Assessment European Heritage

Appendix J Preliminary Riparian Corridor Investigation

Appendix K Ecological Assessment April 2014

Appendix L Biodiversity Offset Strategy February 2014

Appendix M Expert Report for the Koala at Macquariedale Road Appin

Appendix N Economic Impact Justification October 2013

Appendix O Water Sewer Concept Design Options Report December 2013

Appendix P Transport Impact Assessment December 2013

Appendix Q Consultant Letter to RMS Traffic Consultant Response to RMS

Appendix R Preliminary Site Investigation December 2013

Appendix S Bushfire Assessment Report February 2014


Height of Building (HOB) Comparison Map

Minimum Lot Size (LSZ) Comparison Map

Land Zoning (LZN) Comparison Map

Natural Resources – Biodiversity (NRB) Comparison Map

Site Identification Map (SIM)