How Does Our Council Run?

Governance is all about how our Council runs

Good corporate governance is at the heart of everything we do at Wollondilly, covering the culture, processes, systems, policies and practices that we use to guide our everyday operations.

Good corporate governance builds confidence in Council. It ensures we deliver what we say we will deliver, that we act in an ethical way and we operate as an efficient and effective Council.

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How We Stay Accountable

You can find out more about how transparency and accountability is achieved by Council in this section.

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Accessing Information

On this page you can see what kinds of information Council holds and ways to access it.

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Council Meetings and Forums

Council currently convenes a range of meetings throughout the year. Find out more about Council's meetings in this section.

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Complaint Handling

Council wishes to provide the best service possible to its customers and is committed to addressing and resolving enquiries and complaints, improving customer service delivery and increasing community satisfaction.