How Does Our Council Run?

Governance is all about how our Council runs.

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Good corporate governance is at the heart of everything we do at Wollondilly, covering the culture, processes, systems, policies and practices that we use to guide our everyday operations

Good corporate governance builds confidence in Council. It ensures we deliver what we say we will deliver, that we act in an ethical way and we operate as an efficient and effective Council.

Code of Conduct and Staff Values

The overarching governance framework is Council is the Code of Conduct. Staff must, at all times, comply with Council's adopted Code of Conduct, which includes adhering to the staff values

Procedure for the Administration of the Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct 

Council works within a value system that governs the way we work and interact both within the organisation and with our community. Staff values define the culture or an organisation. They underpin the interactions staff have with the community in their day to day work. Council’s Staff Values are:

I – integrity
C – collaboration
A – accountability
R – respect
E – embrace innovation

Fraud and Corruption Prevention

Council has a zero tolerance approach to any form of corruption or fraud within the organisation. Council has developed a comprehensive Fraud and Corruption Prevention Framework. This framework is designed to detect, prevent and respond to risks of fraud and corruption.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is an independent agency that can investigate the actions of NSW government officials. If you suspect fraud or corruption contact ICAC on 1800 463 909. To talk to ICAC in your language using a telephone interpreter service, contact 131 450. You can also visit the Independent Commission Against Corruption website for further information.

Customer Service Charter

The Customer Service Charter details our service & communication commitment to our customers. It is intended to:

  • Outline Council’s service standards
  • Provide an understanding of what customers can expect from us, & what we ask of our customers
  • Outline how customers can make a complaint if our standards are not met
  • Provide methods of welcoming feedback


As Council, we are bound by the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009, the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 and the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002. These acts regulate the collection, storage, use and disclosure of personal information.

Any personal information you provide us will be used for the Council purposes, or a directly related purpose only, unless you consent to another use or disclosure, in emergencies or as otherwise required by law.

You also have a right to have your personal information corrected, in some circumstances. If you have any queries about privacy or wish to access or correct your personal information please contact us.

Privacy Management Plan

Information and Privacy Commission 

The Information and Privacy Commission provides further information about privacy, including the following fact sheets:

  • A guide to protecting your privacy
  • The Information Protection Principles (IPPs) – explained for members of the public

Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee

The Audit Risk Improvement Committee was established to provide Council with independent, objective assurance and consulting services, in order to add value and improve Council's operations. The committee is composed of two Councillors and three independent external members who have the ability to vote; along with a number of other Council officers who are non-voting members. For more information please click here

Council wishes to provide the best service possible to its customers and is committed to addressing and resolving enquiries and complaints, improving customer service delivery and increasing community satisfaction.

There may be occasions when challenges do arise and you may not get the service you expect. If you have any reason to be unhappy, we want to know so we can improve our service.  You can contact us via

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Council staff are expected to handle complaints within the service standards of our Customer Complaint Handling Protocol.

We are confident we can resolve the majority of complaints received however we understand that we may not be able to satisfy every customer on every occasion. Customers also have the option to going to an external agency regarding their concerns:

Office of Local Government 
NSW Ombudsman’s Office
Independent Commission Against Corruption

Unreasonable Customer conduct

When customers behave unreasonably in their dealings with Council, their conduct can significantly affect our success. As a result, we will take proactive and decisive action to manage any complainant conduct that negatively and unreasonably affects our staff or service provision. The management of unreasonable conduct will occur in accordance with Council’s Unreasonable Customer Conduct Protocol.