Council Committees and Advisory Groups

Council currently convenes a range of Committees that meet throughout the year. The two main types of committees supported by Council are Advisory Committees and Management Committees. Council also facilitate various other committees, these include Mandatory Committees, User Groups and Working Groups

Leisure Centre Users Group

The aim of the Leisure Centre Users Advisory Group is to provide an opportunity for the ongoing communication and cooperation of existing community user groups and centre management.

Community Advisory Committees

Council's Advisory Committees (CACs) can be established for a range of purposes with the intent of providing Council with advice and recommendations to inform the decisions made by Council.

Community Management Committees

Community Management Committees are similar to CACs, however members of these committees are delegated by Council. Under the Local Government Act (1993) Council can appoint these committees to manage certain facilities and/or functions within the community and make decisions on Council's behalf within the limits of their Terms of Reference.

Floodplain Risk Management Committee

The process of managing flood risk is assisted by the Floodplain Risk Management Committee. The committee is made up of Councillors, Council Staff from a variety of areas across Council, NSW Government Agencies and Community representatives. The Committee has an advisory role and makes recommendations to Council for its consideration.

Strategic Resourcing Advisory Committee

The primary responsibilities of the Strategic Resourcing Advisory Committee is to help ensure the integrated Planning and Reporting documents are properly funded at their creation and guard against diversion of funds to non-strategic activities during their implementation.