Community Management Committees

Community Management Committees are similar to CACs, however members of these committees are delegated by Council. Under the Local Government Act (1993) Council can appoint these committees to manage certain facilities and/or functions within the community and make decisions on Council's behalf within the limits of their Terms of Reference. 

Section 355 Committees

Under Section 355, 377 and 378 of the Local Government Act 1993, Wollondilly Shire Council is able to delegate some of its functions to a Committee of Council. Community Management Committees are facilitated by Council and made up of community members who are able to manage some of Council's community facilities. There are currently four Community Management Committees in operation:


Council's Facilities Coordinator on 4677 1100 or


Section 355 Management Committee Procedures Manual

Code of Conduct

User Group Agreement

Approval for Amusement Device

Hall Hire Checklist

Key Issue Form

Purchasing Procedure

NSW Food Authority Guidelines for Food Businesses at Temporary Events

NSW Food Authority Food Safety Requirements for Charitable, Not-For-Profit Organisations

Fact Sheet: Operating a Mobile Food Vehicle in the Wollondilly Shire

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