Community Advisory Committees

View from Warragamba Lookout

Council's Advisory Committees (CACs) can be established for a range of purposes with the intent of providing Council with advice and recommendations to inform the decisions made by Council. A full list of Council's Committees can be found on the Council Advisory Committees page.

Tourism and Heritage Advisory Committee

The Tourism and Heritage Advisory Committee bring together community and industry members who can support and work with Council to advise and assist with tourism and strategic programs, as well as contribute to overcoming challenges in progressing and promoting tourism and heritage in the Shire.

Road Safety Volunteers Group

The Road Safety Volunteers Group aims to raise awareness of road safety within the community and to work with the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to improve road safety in Wollondilly.

Companion Animals Advisory Committee

The Companion Animals Reference Committee meets quarterly and focuses on bringing together community members with an interest in animal welfare, animal behaviourists and other animal related professionals. The Committee provides guidance and advice to develop strategic direction for the implementation of companion animal related services, facilities, education and programs in Wollondilly.

Rural Industry Advisory Committee

The Rural Industry Advisory Committee focuses on the issues affecting farming enterprise within Wollondilly and the Sydney Basin. The Committee provides farmers with the opportunity to discuss local issues directly with Council and to develop initiatives and mechanisms to promote the longevity of agriculture in the Shire.

Economic Development Advisory Committee

The Economic Advisory Committee consists of members from small and large local Businesses, local Service Clubs, local Chambers of Commerce and Council. The group also has links to State and Federal Governments. The Advisory Committee aims to strengthen the economic base in Wollondilly, generate employment opportunities and ensure Council's planning...

Youth Advisory Committee

The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) works closely with Council to highlight the challenges young people in Wollondilly face and advocate for what young people in Wollondilly need. The Youth Advisory Committee is also heavily involved in delivering events, workshops and projects for their peers, schools and community.

Disability Access Advisory Committee

The Disability Access Advisory Committee supports Council's Community Strategic Plan and enables Council to engage with the community by listening and responding to their needs and concerns. The Committee consists of people who live or work in Wollondilly who have a disability; carers of people who have a disability; community...

Australia Day Awards Committee

The Australia Day Awards Committee is made up of previous Australia Day Award winners and Councillors; and focuses on identifying nominations for the Australia Day Community Awards and contributing to the planning of the Australia Day celebrations and festivities in Wollondilly.

Transport Advisory Committee

The Transport Advisory Committee provides advice to Council on transport issues facing Wollondilly, including shared cycle ways, public transport and alternative transport options for the community.

Minerals, Energy Resources, Environment and Waste Advisory Committee

The Minerals, Energy Resources, Environment and Waste Community Advisory Committee brings together community members with an interest in waste management and environmental issues including the extraction of minerals and petroleum (coal seam gas) within the Wollondilly Shire.

Cubbitch Barta Reserve Steering Committee

Wollondilly Shire Council recently became the legal owner of Cubbitch Barta Reserve located in Camden Park in the north of the LGA. The Reserve was previously owned by Stockland Development Corporation.