Mandatory Committees

Local Emergency Management Committee

Emergency management is a legislative requirement for Local Government; as a result, the Local Emergency Management Committee was established to overview, plan and test the local community emergency management arrangements in Wollondilly.

Conduct Committee

Wollondilly Shire Council is required to adopt a Code of Conduct and Code of Conduct Procedures and sets out the standards of conduct expected of Council Officials.

Traffic Committee

The Traffic Committee reviews and responds to traffic issues within Wollondilly. The Committee has representatives from the NSW Police Force, Roads and Maritime Services, the Local State Member of Parliament, and Council.

Audit Risk Improvement Committee

The Audit Risk Improvement Committee was established to provide Council with independent, objective assurance and consulting services, in order to add value and improve Council's operations. The committee is composed of two Councillors and three independent external members who have the ability to vote; along with a number of other...