Proposed Naming of Roads - Picton

Proposed Naming of Roads - Picton

Closes: 20/08/2020 5:00pm

Roads Act, 1993 & Roads Regulation 2018, Part 2, Division 1

Notice is hereby given that Wollondilly Shire Council, in pursuance of Clause 7 of the above regulation proposes to name the following road/s:

Proposed Names:  Corbett Lane, Picton

Description:   Coming off Colden Street, Picton adjacent to Picton Mall.

Name Origin:  Honouring the late well known businessman Mr John Corbett for his dedication and contributions to Picton and the wider Wollondilly Shire

(See detailed history below).

Name Relocation:      Manolis Lane

Description:  Relocating the name to the Picton Upper cemetery – coming off Dunlop Place Picton

Name Origin:               (See detailed history below).


Forward written submissions to Wollondilly Shire Council at, PO Box 21, Picton NSW 2571, clearly outlining reasons for such objection. Submissions for the proposal close 5pm Thursday 20 August 2020.


For further information, please contact Council’s Property Addressing Officer on (02) 4677 9736.

View the Council Agenda and Resolution 16 June 2020 here.

Map of Manolis Lane 



To name a road in honour of the late well known Picton businessman John Corbett (who passed away under tragic circumstances on 7th  August 2019) in a significant location in Picton in his memory  for his contributions to Picton and the wider Wollondilly community.

The late John Corbett and his family developed and previously owned Picton Mall which has a road entrance currently named Manolis Lane, Picton.  The Picton Mall location is one of Mr. Corbett’s most recognisable contributions to the community and this location is a fitting place to commemorate Mr. Corbett with a road naming in his honour.

The proposal is to rename Manolis Lane, Picton, to Corbett Lane and relocate the name of Manolis Lane to a more suitable location in Upper Picton at Picton Cemetery, which is more relevant to the Manolis history and heritage and has support from the Macarthur Greeks and Picton Historical Society.


Additional Information:

History of Antonis Manolis

Antonis Manolis arrived in Australia in 1829 as one of the first Greek settlers. Antonis Manolis was the first Greek to also become naturalised as a British subject in Australia in 1854. Antonis Manolis spent two-thirds of his life there and rests in peace in the Upper Picton Cemetery since 1880. Since then and until his death in 1880, Manolis was a  farmer in Picton and one of the first to cultivate the land in that area. His grave overlooks the fields he had cultivated for decades and land he owned close by in Hill Street Picton. Which is why the historical society support the proposal as it is important to preserve naming history as close to the sites of relevance where possible.