Proposed Naming of Roads - Silverdale

Proposed Naming of Roads - Silverdale

Closes: 02/11/2020 5:00pm

Roads Act, 1993 & Roads Regulation 2018, Part 2, Division 1

Notice is hereby given that Wollondilly Shire Council, in pursuance of Clause 7 of the above regulation proposes to name the following road/s:

Proposed Names:     Myangarlie Circuit, Silverdale

Description:               A new road coming off Warradale Road Silverdale.

Name Origin:             (See detailed history below).


Forward written submissions to Wollondilly Shire Council at, PO Box 21, Picton NSW 2571, clearly outlining reasons for such objection. Submissions for the proposal will be accepted from Tuesday 13 October 2020 to Monday 2 November 2020.


For further information, please contact Council’s Property Addressing Officer on (02) 4677 9736.


Proposed Road Naming – Myangarlie Circuit – Silverdale NSW


DD010.2020.00000104.001 – (Lot 100 DP 1237882 -  21 Lot Subdivision – 1 New Road)

 Myangarlie Circuit


Naming History:

Myangarlie (c1792-1858) - A prominent Gundungurra leader and uncle of Billy Russell (Werriberri). Myangarlie was one of the first Aboriginal people in Australia to receive a breastplate, bestowed by Governor Macquarie as part of his conciliatory policy of establishing good relationships with Aboriginal leaders. (Aboriginal People of the Burragorang Valley by Jim Smith). Wonduck (c1871) – A Gundungurra woman and the mother of Billy Russell (Werriberri c1835-1914), giving birth to him along the banks of Werriberri Creek north of The Oaks Township. Thomas Mitchell referred to him as King of Nattai rather than Chief. Mitchell’s portrait of Myangarlie was reproduced in his 1838 account of his Australian explorations so that he became the first Gundungurra person and one the first indigenous Australians name to be circulated internationally. Mitchell described him as one of his earliest aboriginal friends. Myangarlie also became associated with the Antill family (his breast plate remained with the Antill family for 130 years before being sold at auction in 1989. Also Myangarlie is one of the best known Gundungurra people having been the subject of a popular biography by John Meredith (the last Kooradgie – ‘clever man’). He was recorded to have had 3 wives and one unnamed daughter. It is believed his last residence was Picton and Camden area. Cuneo established he died 12 October 1858 and is buried at Crocodile Creek near Picton at approx. age 66years. One of the trees from the grave site is believed to be part of the Australian museum collection and scull is now in the Sydney museum.


Additional Information from The Oaks Heritage Society supporting the naming - The territory/country for the Gundungurra  people included  Wollondilly through to the Blue Mountains, south including Goulburn and bordered Tharawal country in the East, Dharug to the North , Wiradjuri to the West and Ngunnawal to the South West.  Werriberri Creek, an important water source to the Gundungurra tribe, enters the now Lake Burragorang (previously the Wollondilly River in the Gundungurra era) in the region of Silverdale and in fact, Billy Russell( known as Werriberri)  was known to frequently visit the Regentville property of  Major  Russell. The broader Wollondilly was regularly traversed by Gundungurra. The bordering country were the trading partners for the Gundungurra and often wives were sourced from the Tharawal Country of the South Coast. The Wollondilly is a part of the creation story of Gundungurra with the story of Gurrangatch and Mirragan.


Aboriginal & Historical Groups – Consultation:

Trish Hall from The Oaks Historical Society and Sharyn Hall from the Gundungurra Aboriginal Heritage Association support the naming of Myangarlie and agreed that Silverdale is the most suitable location for the naming.