Proposed Naming of Roads - Tahmoor

Proposed Naming of Roads - Tahmoor

Closes: 02/11/2020 5:00pm

Roads Act, 1993 & Roads Regulation 2018, Part 2, Division 1

Notice is hereby given that Wollondilly Shire Council, in pursuance of Clause 7 of the above regulation proposes to name the following road/s:

Proposed Names:      Potters Drive, Tahmoor

Description:                A new road coming off 2710 Remembrance Driveway Tahmoor – Lot 3 DP 271249 


Name Origin:            

Potters Garage – Commemorating Harrie Potter and the Potter family– In early 1920s Harrie Lived close to the Bargo River and operated a well known refreshment room and mini golf course and petrol bowsers for motorists and visitors to the swimming hole on Bargo River Road Tahmoor. The property was known as “The Cliff” as it was built on a sharp bend of the highway down to the river crossing. In the 1930 it became a service station operated by Harrie’s son, John Potter. Later in 1954 John Potter built a new garage and service station named “The Open Road” which is the current service station located near the Bargo River bridge. (See history below and pages 102-105 Book “Tahmoor”).


Proposed Names:      Brentnall Avenue, TAHMOOR

Description:                A new road coming off 2710 Remembrance Driveway Tahmoor – Lot 3 DP 271249 and off Potters Drive.


Name Origin:            

Brentnall the property was sold to Mildred Brentnall in 1943 and the five sisters lived there. (Ethel Olive Brentnall, Ruth Eirene Brentnall, Linda Harcourt Brentnall, Nina Tilitson Brentnall). – The historical society would very much like to see this name as a preference as they have a very interesting history and significance in Tahmoor.


Nina Tilitson Brentnall received a BA from Sydney University in 1903. In 1909 she left Australia for India under the auspices of the Young Women’s Christian Association and spent nearly 30 years working for the Association in India. She would return tor Australia every couple of years and she was widely reported in Australian newspapers of giving talks and fund raising for the cause. She also spent two years travelling overseas to America, Europe, Great Britain and New Zealand. In 1924 it was reported that she had been awarded the Kaiser-I-Hind Medal for distinguished service to the Empire. ((The Kaiser-i-Hind Medal for Public Service in India was a medal awarded by the Emperor/Empress of India between 1900 and 1947, to "any person without distinction of race, occupation, position, or sex ... who shall have distinguished himself (or herself) by important and useful service in the advancement of the public interest in India."[1] )). Nina returned permanently to Australia around 1937 and took up various positions as headmistress of girls’ schools. The last in the Blue Mountains in 1942. The bush fire occurred in Dec 1956, the house was burnt down in 1956. Sources stated that it was John Potter who rescued the sisters from the fire. It would seem that another house was built on the land after the fire and continued to be called Grasmere.



Forward written submissions to Wollondilly Shire Council at, PO Box 21, Picton NSW 2571, clearly outlining reasons for such objection. Submissions for the proposal close 5pm 2 November 2020.

Map of Potters Drive and Brentnall Ave

Note: Stage 1 Road Layout - only part of Road 1 & 4 is approved – as can be seen below. The road layout for other internal roads may change in the future.  


Road Layout Tahmoor 

For further information, please contact Council’s Property Addressing Officer on (02) 4677 9736.