Douglas Park Drive Cliff Risk Reduction Works and Road Closure

UPDATE:  Douglas Park Drive slope stabilisation works are nearly complete and the road will return to normal operation on Wednesday 18 March.

Despite bush fire conditions, a week lost to flooding, rain delays and coronavirus, the project has been completed a week ahead of schedule. Thank you to everyone for your patience during this time.


Works on Douglas Park Gorge has re-commenced. A road closure is in place 6am – 5pm Monday to Friday.


Note: See below for operations outside of work hours.



Douglas Park Drive between the floodgates at Moreton Park Road intersection and the southern descent into the gorge.



Works will commence on Monday 20 January.



The closure is scheduled for 10 weeks.



Various cliff features have been identified through geotechnical investigation as posing a risk to the users of Douglas Park Drive. The treatment of features will involve the installation of over 100 rock bolts, over 500m2 of rock fall meshing, erosion cover and the removal of boulders, soil and vegetation.



A detour will be in place via Picton Road.

Map of Douglas Park Drive Works



Notices about the closure and detour will be distributed via local road signage, Council’s website, Council’s social media pages, newspaper adverts, school and day care newsletters and local letterbox drops.


The following arrangements will apply to enable public access outside of work hours, and to address concerns about emergency access if required:

  • Works will not proceed should the fire danger level be catastrophic and/or bushfire activity level is elevated to ‘Watch & Act’ in the Douglas Park/Wilton area.
  • Works will be performed between the hours of 6am and 6pm Monday – Friday only. The road will be fully closed at this time.
  • Works will take 10 weeks to complete.
  • In an Emergency: contact details for the shift supervisor will be on the gates and a phone and / or CB radio call will be able to have the road cleared and re-opened within 20-30 minutes.
  • The road will be fully opened outside of work hours and on weekends.



A new path forward has been developed with high attention to fire conditions. The road will now open between work shifts and on weekends.

Road closure will only be in place while personnel are on location. The site will be managed in a way which the road can reopen within 30 minutes. Work will be placed on hold if local fire threat levels reach catastrophic or watch and act status issued.

The work will require specialised machinery and materials to be transported into the gorge. This will occupy the road corridor causing local traffic disruption with no vehicle or pedestrian thoroughfare available during work hours.A detour will be in place crossing the Hume Highway and Nepean River via Picton Rd.

The investigation highlighted some cliff features which need urgent action. The works scheduled will address the high risk features which require immediate treatment.

A cliff stability investigation conducted for Council by geotechnical engineers has identified various features of the cliff which pose a risk of movement. To address concerns for public safety, Council has engaged a contractor to remediate these features.

The construction site begins at the Douglas Park Drive causeway closed gates, so no access to the Nepean River will be available during work hours Monday to Friday 6am – 6pm. Outside of these hours the river can be accessed as normal.