Road Reconstruction on Remembrance Drive, Picton

Council will be undertaking full width road reconstruction on a 610m section of Remembrance Dwy from near Koorana Rd to the bridge. 

When: The work is programmed to start from 7am on Thursday 17 June 2020 (weather permitting).

Duration: We are allowing 8 shifts (Mon-Fri 7am-5pm)

Methodology: The existing road pavement will be completely removed and replaced with asphaltic concrete. In total, approx. 4,000 tonnes of asphalt will be placed. While the work is underway, stop/slow traffic control will be in place. Residents will still be able to access properties within the worksite, including deliveries and visitors.

Notifications: As the work will involve some disruption, it is important that you make appropriate plans (e.g. leave a few minutes earlier). Council will distribute flyers to nearby residents and will install large electronic message boards a week before works are due to commence. In addition, our contractor will send out a second notification to residents.

Remembrance Dwy Rd

Frequently Asked Questions

Limiting disruption is something Council considers when choosing how and when roadwork will be done. People travelling through the worksite will experience delays so it is best to allow extra time for journeys. If motorists have any questions or special needs they can speak to the friendly traffic controllers on site and efforts will be made to work with them to address any issues that arise.

Since 2015, Council has committed additional funding towards addressing our road maintenance backlog. Our five year construction program considers factors including the condition of the road, traffic safety issues, the most suitable time to intervene, the best methods to use, future development and traffic levels on the road. It was nominated for work in the 2019/20 financial year as part of Council’s five year roadworks program. 

Sometimes it is possible to program work for after 9:30 and finish prior to 3pm to avoid peak times. This approach was considered for this job, but due to the scale of works required we estimated the job would take much longer and cost considerably more (which means less money would be available to do other projects).

Night work was investigated. Completing work at night can limit disruption to motorists but this work is relatively noisy and creates even greater levels of disruption to nearby residents. This section of road is directly adjacent to many family homes and night work would be too disruptive to them.