Tahmoor Sporting Complex

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Council are excited to introduce the Stage 1 works for a new Sporting Complex located in Tahmoor.


The Project

The project is the first stage of the Master Plan as adopted by Council. Stage 1 works include:

  1. Athletics field design and construction (drainage, irrigation and field)
  2. Multi-Purpose Facility stage 1 design
  3. Multi-Purpose Facility stage 1 construction
  4. New driveway/ entrance works
  5. Netball courts design and construction

The overall project value is estimated at $4.66M for items 1 to 4 and $1M for item 5. Costs include project management, design costs and contingency.


Master Plan

Tahmoor Sporting Complex Master Plan






Athletics Field (Contractor Estimate) April 2020 January 2021
Multi-Purpose Building & Entry Road and Parking January 2020 March 2021
Overall Site Design January 2020 June 2020
Netball Courts- Design and Construction May 2020 March 2021



Council is working closely with and would like to thank the following groups for their ongoing involvement in delivering this quality community project.

  • 355 Management Committee
  • Born To Ride Freestyle Association
  • Tahmoor District Cricket Club
  • Tahmoor Soccer Club
  • Wollondilly All Breeds Kennel Club
  • Wollondilly Little Athletics Centre Inc
  • Wollondilly Netball Association



For further information call Council on (02) 4677 1100 or email council@wollondilly.nsw.gov.au.


Latest Updates

  • Design and construction work has begun for the athletics field. All turfed areas of the athletics field have been sprayed and rotary hoed.
  • The construction fencing has been altered to include all of the existing netball courts and the future netball courts to enable excavation and placement of fill.
  • The design for the Multi-Purpose Facility is nearing completion.
  • The tender has been advertised for construction of the netball courts, with timeframes for delivery built in to ensure completion by the start of March 2021. 12 new hard courts will be built with $1 million in funding acquired by the Wollondilly Netball Association and the remainder of the cost covered by Council.

  • Work has started on Stage 1 of the Tahmoor Sporting complex.  Demolition of the athletics field is under way and earthworks will begin in approximately two weeks.
  • The existing netball courts will be excavated to provide fill for the new netball courts in conjunction with athletics field earthworks.
  • The multipurpose facility concept design is nearing completion and has been reviewed by the Project User Group. The concept is with a Quantity Surveyor for costing.

Tahmoor Sporting Complex Demolition Works


Tahmoor Sporting Complex Early Works men with crane

  • Early demolition works will start next week in preparation for the construction of the Tahmoor Sporting Complex Athletics Field. These works are the first step in the construction of the new field, new amenities building and new netball courts. The works process has been designed to minimise the impact on seasons for the Wollondilly Netball Association and the Little Athletics Club. Council is working closely with both organisations to ensure they can progress with already limited seasons.
  • Netball will be facilitated with temporary toilet and canteen facilities, storage and power supply for the lighting to accommodate their Covid reduced season. Little Athletics have been provided storage but due to construction will unfortunately only be able to operate their season after Christmas 2020, weather permitting. Soccer and Cricket will have access to the temporary toilets during their season.
  • This project is made possible through funding from the Western Sydney City Deal Liveability Program.