Transport Capital Works Program

Council has completed a review of the six year priority programs for all of its transport related assets.

Under our Asset Management Strategy, the Road Renewal Program is separated into three “phases” depending on the type of work to be carried out:

  • Project Phase 1 – Surface Treatment – Surface treatment only to preserve the existing asset and prevent deterioration of the road pavement – low costs
  • Project Phase 2 – Heavy Patching, Surface Treatment and in some cases, Shoulder Widening – repairs will be carried out to remove any areas of failed road pavement and a new waterproof seal applied to preserve the existing asset – intermediate costs
  • Project Phase 3 – Reconstruction – complete road reconstruction with improvements to width, shape and safety enhancements – high costs
  • Road Formation Works/Bridge Program – Embankment Stabilisation and Bridge Works - works to the underlying parts of the road network that support the road and new Bridge Construction and/or repairs.

To view the new 6 year Priority Works Program commencing 2017-18 please click here.  You can also view the program on Google Maps.

To see some of the projects we have already completed this year, please click on the Transport Program Update.

Additionally, Council has a number of significant projects, which are of key interest to the community, for which the detailed Project Plans are attached below.

2018/19 Road Renewel Works

For information on the 2018/19 Road Renewal Works please see our Fact Sheet.

For information about unformed roads please see our Fact Sheet.