Wollondilly Community, Cultural and Civic Precinct

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Wollondilly Community, Cultural and Civic Precinct 

The Wollondilly Community Cultural and Civic Precinct in Picton is an important and transformative project, providing contemporary community and cultural facilities for the wider Wollondilly Shire community.

Construction of the Precinct will also provide local economic stimulus, construction jobs and more employment – supporting local businesses and the broader Wollondilly community. 

Our Vision

The vision is for the Precinct to become the community, civic, cultural and economic heart of Wollondilly.  

It seeks to provide a flexible, multipurpose community space that supports a diversity of community, cultural and civic activities and attracts a wide range of community members, businesses and visitors.

The Precinct would also be a community gathering place that provides a safe and inclusive venue for a wide range of formal and informal events and activities.

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Delivery of the Cultural, Community and Civic Precinct will involve four main stages as follows (dates are approximate):

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(2020 – 2023)

Demolition of buildings and relocation of some services, new car parking, initial refurbishments of the Shire Hall, construction of a new performance space and construction of a new childcare building.

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(2020 – 2024)

Construction of a new Council Services Centre and basement parking.

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(2023 – 2027)

Creation of a new green civic square, demolition of existing Council building, further Shire Hall improvements, additional car parking.

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(2026 – 2030)

Construction of new library and learning centre, repurposing of existing library, and public domain works across the Precinct and to Colden Street and Corbett Lane (formerly Manolis Lane).

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Precinct Benefits

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the overall benefits the Precinct seeks to provide include:

  • A refurbished Shire Hall for Council meetings, community groups and events
  • New performance and exhibition spaces
  • A new village green and a range of inclusive public open spaces, incorporating quality landscaping and public art
  • A new contemporary library incorporating an information and work hub, learning area, and access to community spaces
  • New Council service centre, administration offices and community displays
  • A new Children’s Services facility
  • Employment and business opportunities through improved meeting spaces and work hub, plus jobs during construction and operation of the Precinct

The Precinct will strengthen Picton’s role as the community, cultural and civic hub of Wollondilly. It will provide an important opportunity to conserve Picton’s heritage and character, while offering contemporary facilities that will make Wollondilly an even better place to live, learn, work and play.

The project will be funded with secured and available grants; received and projected development contributions; asset renewal funding; as well as a degree of borrowings to assist in timely implementation. Delivery of this project does not affect funding for Council’s road renewal and upgrade program which will continue as a critical priority. 

Stage 1 is fully funded by grants including the Western Parkland City Liveability Program, developer contributions and building renewal funds. 

The Western Parkland City Liveability Program is a key commitment under the Western Sydney City Deal, established with contributions from the Australian and NSW governments and the eight councils of the Western Parkland City. The funding is to assist in creating neighbourhoods that are liveable, creative, sustainable and healthy. 

Wollondilly Shire Council has been granted Liveability Program funding to complete four projects:

  • The Wollondilly Community, Cultural and Civic Precinct
  • Tahmoor District Sporting Complex
  • Appin Skate Park
  • Installation of outdoor exercise equipment at eight locations across the Shire

The parameters of the Liveability Program funding means that Council cannot spend the money on any type of asset maintenance which includes fixing our roads.