Stage 2

Stage 2 will deliver a new Council Services Centre, basement parking, and public domain works around the building.


New Government Services Centre

A new future proofed Government Services Centre, and options for income-producing co-working spaces in the interim (or if Council’s method of service delivery changes). 

The existing Council Administration Building occupies a key location on the site. While master plan options did consider retaining it, the final and adopted master plan includes a new Government Services Centre because of significant issues with the current building, and the benefits of a having new service centre.

The existing building: 

  • has building condition issues and does not meet current accessibility standards 
  • generates increased maintenance and building management costs 
  • requires significant capital expenditure to meet contemporary community standards 
  • has no capacity to meet expected increases in staff numbers necessary to support the growth of the Wollondilly.

Modern building designs have been shown to generate higher productivity from staff (and higher service levels for the community), and provide greater efficiencies in operational costs. 


On-site Parking

More parking spaces will be created in the basement. 


Public Domain Works

Public domain works will be carried out around the building. 


The value of Stage 2 is estimated at $27.245m.


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