Wollondilly Shire Council Events https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/home/events/ Build for a Cure Auction https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/home/events/build-for-a-cure-auction/?date=2017-10-22 <p><img class="leftAlone" title="" src="https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/assets/Uploads/_resampled/ResizedImage600852-Build-for-a-cure.JPG" alt="Build for a cure" width="600" height="852"></p> Fri, 01 Sep 2017 15:11:59 +1000 https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/home/events/build-for-a-cure-auction/?date=2017-10-22 Free Seniors Workshop https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/home/events/free-seniors-workshop-2/?date=2017-10-24 <p>Wollondilly Shire Council will be holding a number of Seniors workshops over the coming weeks aimed at highlighting the importance of Bushfire Awareness and Older Driver Road Safety. The free workshops will be held in Bargo, Appin and The Oaks.</p> <p>There will be guest speakers available at each session and topics covered will include:</p> <p><strong>Bushfire Awareness</strong></p> <p>· Bushfire Survival Plan development with Local NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS)</p> <p>· How to Prepare for a Bushfire</p> <p>· Fire Danger Ratings</p> <p><strong>Older Driver Road Safety</strong></p> <p>· How vision impairment and dementia can affect our abilities as a road user</p> <p>· Developing safer driving habits</p> <p>· Driver licensing at 75 and 85 years</p> <p>For more information or to RSVP contact Vickie Tierney E:<a href="mailto:Vickie.tierney@wollondilly.nsw.gov.au">Vickie.tierney@wollondilly.nsw.gov.au</a> or P: 4677 9550.  Light Lunch Provided</p> Fri, 06 Oct 2017 15:58:35 +1100 https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/home/events/free-seniors-workshop-2/?date=2017-10-24 5 Ways to Wellbeing Information Session https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/home/events/5-ways-to-wellbeing-information-session-5/?date=2017-10-25 <p>Wollondilly Shire Council will be holding a number of information sessions in the coming months aimed at young people and/or their parents.</p> <p>The sessions are aimed at increasing awareness about wellbeing in the community and to give young people the skills to help them identify issues and seek support. All sessions will include input from local services and young people living in the area. Residents are invited to attend some or all of the sessions.</p> <p>Sessions will be facilitated by Industry Professionals and may include panelists for group discussions.</p> <p>The theme of this session is<strong> Take Notice</strong>- <em>Be mindful, appreciate the little things and savour the moment</em></p> <p>What’s involved?</p> <ul><li>Find out about mental wellbeing and the importance of being well both mentally and physically</li> <li>Learn how to recognise when you or someone close to you might need some support</li> <li>Find out where to get help</li> </ul><p>Light supper will be provided.</p> <p>Lucky door prizes.</p> <p>Please contact Council’s Community Project Officer Sharon Hartnett on 02 4677 9613 or email <a href="mailto:youth@wollondilly.nsw.gov.au">youth@wollondilly.nsw.gov.au</a> to RSVP.</p> <h4>Download</h4> <p><a title="Link to 5 Ways Information Sessions Brochure" href="https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/assets/Documents/Media-Centre/5WaysInfo-Sessions-Brochure-June2017-FINAL-Web.pdf" target="_blank">5 Ways to Wellbeing Brochure</a></p> Thu, 18 May 2017 15:11:47 +1000 https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/home/events/5-ways-to-wellbeing-information-session-5/?date=2017-10-25 East Ward By-Election https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/home/events/east-ward-by-election/?date=2017-10-28 <p class="Normal">The NSW Electoral Commission, on behalf of Wollondilly Shire Council, will be holding a by-election on Saturday 28 October. </p> <p class="Normal">Voting is compulsory for all people on the electoral role in the East Ward of Wollondilly Shire and fines apply for not voting.</p> <p class="Normal">For more information visit Council’s the <a title="Link to By-Election page" href="https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/council/local-government-elections/" target="_blank">East Ward By-Election page</a> on Council's website  or the NSW Electoral Commission at <a href="http://www.elections.nsw.gov.au/">www.elections.nsw.gov.au</a></p> Tue, 19 Sep 2017 13:29:52 +1000 https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/home/events/east-ward-by-election/?date=2017-10-28 Lino Printing Workshop https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/home/events/lino-printing-workshop/?date=2017-10-28 <p>Wollondilly Arts Group is very pleased to be offering this Lino printing workshop with Natalia Rudnicki.</p> <p>Explore the bold and graphic nature of linoblock printing.</p> <p>Participants will learn how to transfer a design to a piece of lino, prepare lino blocks, cut an image, prepare paper and print a limited edition.</p> <p>Printing will be done both by hand and using a small press. Various methods of printing will be explored.</p> <p>Methods of cutting, inking and rolling-up, and registration techniques to produce a lino block, as well as adding colour to print, will also be taught.</p> <p>Bring your ideas, photographs or sketches and see them transformed into unique lino prints.</p> <p><strong>COST:</strong> $35 WAG - member, $45 Non-Member</p> <p>BOOKINGS:  Roswitha Giersch ph 4681 0535,   <a href="mailto:roswitha01@gmail.com">roswitha01@gmail.com</a> </p> <p>Info:  <a href="http://www.wollondillyartsgroup.com.au/wag-what-is-on/sat-28th-">http://www.wollondillyartsgroup.com.au/wag-what-is-on/sat-28th-</a></p> <p>Facebook:<a href="http://www.facebook.com/wollarts/">www.facebook.com/wollarts/</a> </p> <h4><a title="Link to booking form" href="https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/assets/Documents/Media-Centre/Lino-Printing-Workshop.pdf" target="_blank">Booking Form</a></h4> <p> </p> Thu, 12 Oct 2017 10:31:21 +1100 https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/home/events/lino-printing-workshop/?date=2017-10-28 Learner Driver Parent Workshop https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/home/events/learner-driver-parent-workshop/?date=2017-11-01 <p>There are three parent workshop ‘Helping Learner Drivers Become Safer Drivers’ events being held during 2017/2018 at Council, 62-64 Menangle Street, Picton.  These information sessions are designed to support parents, relatives and friends in the supervision of a learner driver with light supper provided.</p> <p>These two hour workshops provide information for supervising drivers such as how to complete the log book, understanding the licence conditions for learners and provisional licence holders and practical advice about the importance of the ‘stepped approach’ for learner drivers.</p> <p>Bookings are essential, please phone 4677 9588 or email <a href="mailto:roadsafety@wollondilly.nsw.gov.au">roadsafety@wollondilly.nsw.gov.au</a> to ensure your place.</p> Tue, 01 Aug 2017 15:34:17 +1000 https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/home/events/learner-driver-parent-workshop/?date=2017-11-01 Author Talk - D L Sams https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/home/events/author-talk-d-l-sams/?date=2017-11-04 <p><img class="leftAlone" title="" src="https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/assets/Uploads/_resampled/ResizedImage600862-Author-Talk.PNG" alt="Author Talk" width="600" height="862"></p> Thu, 12 Oct 2017 10:51:46 +1100 https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/home/events/author-talk-d-l-sams/?date=2017-11-04 FREE Child Development Information Session https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/home/events/free-child-development-information-session-3/?date=2017-11-07 <p><img class="leftAlone" title="" src="https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/assets/Uploads/_resampled/ResizedImage600860-Child-Development-Sessions.JPG" alt="Child Development Sessions" width="600" height="860"></p> Wed, 06 Sep 2017 15:22:41 +1000 https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/home/events/free-child-development-information-session-3/?date=2017-11-07 Learner Driver Log Book Run https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/home/events/learner-driver-log-book-run-3/?date=2017-11-19 <p>Come to a ‘FREE’ learner driver log book run where you will partake in a local drive  accompanied by your driving supervisor. The drive of approximately 75km’s includes map &amp; directions.</p> <p>This enjoyable event assists you to experience a range of driving conditions,  be breath tested and gain the required hours to meet your minimum of 120 hours driving as a learner. Light refreshments are provided.</p> <p><span style="line-height: 1.8;">Bookings are essential, places are limited. Please contact Council’s Road Safety Officer on 4677 9588 or  </span><a style="line-height: 1.8;" href="mailto:roadsafety@wollondilly.nsw.gov.au">roadsafety@wollondilly.nsw.gov.au</a></p> Tue, 01 Aug 2017 15:52:26 +1000 https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/home/events/learner-driver-log-book-run-3/?date=2017-11-19 FREE Child Development Information Session https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/home/events/free-child-development-information-session-4/?date=2017-12-05 <p><img class="leftAlone" title="" src="https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/assets/Uploads/_resampled/ResizedImage600860-Child-Development-Sessions.JPG" alt="Child Development Sessions" width="600" height="860"></p> Wed, 06 Sep 2017 15:24:44 +1000 https://www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au/home/events/free-child-development-information-session-4/?date=2017-12-05