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Mayor and Councillors

How the Mayor is selected

Our Mayor will be elected for a four year term by the community, this is called ‘popularly elected’.

Can a candidate nominate to be a Councillor/Mayor? 

Yes a candidate can nominate to run as a Councillor or a Mayor. A candidate can also run just as a Councillor or a Mayor.

How do I become a Councillor?

To find out how to become a councillor visit the Office of Local Government website.

If you are a property owner within Wollondilly Shire and pay rates on that property you will be eligible to be included on a Council Non-residential Roll (NRR). This applies to an individual, group of individuals or an entity or corporation.

If a Councillor/Mayor resigns or the position becomes vacant what happens?

If a Councillor and/or Mayor leaves it is called a ‘casual vacancy’. At the first meeting of Council following an election the Councillors vote on how they will fill a ‘casual vacancy’ – this is either by count-back or by-election.

Further Information

Further information about becoming a candidate can be downloaded on the Office of Local Government website. Registration details can be found on the NSW Electoral Commission website.


Political Donations

A political donation is a gift made to, or for the benefit of, a political party, elected member, candidate, group of candidates, or other person or entity including an associated entity or third-party campaigner in New South Wales.

People and entities making political donations are called donors. Those making reportable political donations are called major political donors. The meaning of political donation differs for each political participant type.

Further Information

Further Political Donation information can be found on the NSW Electoral Commission website.

Visit the NSW Electoral Commission website for more info including registration and accepting donations.

To check your eligibility or for key dates for the Local Government elections see the NSW Electoral Commission site.