Animal Shelter over the Christmas Period

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Animal Shelter over the Christmas Period

Posted on: 21.12.2015

The Animal Shelter will be closed from midday on 24 December 2015, however arrangements can be made by residents in the morning through the Compliance Section for pick ups or drop offs at the shelter.

During the Christmas break the Animal Shelter will operate as follows:-

25 and 26 December 2015 - Closed

27 December 2015 - Open 10am to 1pm

28 December 2015 – Closed

29, 30 and 31 December 2015 – Open 10am to 12noon

1 January 2016 - Closed

2 & 3 January 2016 - Open 10am to 1pm

Business as usual from 4 January 2016

During the opening times the shelter may be unattended for short periods in the event of unforeseeable emergencies such as dog attack incidents requiring an immediate response.  A notice will be displayed on the front gate if such an emergency occurs.

 Things to consider regarding pets over the Christmas Break

At this time of year, animals and pet rescue groups become inundated with unwanted pets.  There are many reasons for this including pets being given as unwanted Christmas presents and people not wanting to pay for their pets to be put into kennels while they are away.  Please consider this before giving a pet to someone or adopting a pet yourself.

 Things to consider regarding pets over the Summer period

During hot weather care should be taken with ALL animals.  Always have fresh water available. It is a great idea to freeze water in an ice cream container and add this to the pets water on very hot days. This will keep the water cool over the entire day.  Always make sure they have shelter and shade to stay in. Never leave your dog in a car. Many people still think it is ok to leave their dog in a car if they leave the window down, DO NOT do this as it can quickly become fatal for the dogs.

For any information please contact Council on 46771100.