Annual Report shows Council delivering on community priorities

Annual Report shows Council delivering on community priorities

Posted on: 05.12.2019

Wollondilly Council’s annual report has been published for 2018/19, showing that the organisation is financially strong and delivering great services for our community.

Mayor Matthew Deeth said, “Every year we get better and this year is no exception. Our roads and infrastructure are getting fixed. Our services have been outstanding. Our finances are strong. We’ve made big steps forward this year and plan and do even better in the future.”

“The Councillors and I are incredibly proud of the past year and we hope that community members take the opportunity to head to our website and have a look at the annual report to gain an understanding of all that we have done for our residents and businesses,” he said.

“A huge thank you as well to the incredible staff of Wollondilly that serve our community so well.”

Highlights of the annual report included the completion of another record breaking Capital Works Program worth $21 million; of which $14.6 million was spent on transport assets including roads, bridges, kerb and gutter, footpaths and transport facilities, $4 million was spent on open space projects, $1 million on buildings and the rest on plant, fleet, stormwater drainage and other projects.

“We’ve doubled the road budget since 2015 and are seeing the results”, said Mayor Deeth.

In accordance with the Local Government Act, the audited Annual Financial Statements were presented at a recent meeting of Council and made available to the public. The statements showed Council to be in a ‘sound financial position’.

During the reporting period, Council implemented several business improvements to streamline the development application process, creating and testing a new DA tracking system, refining the submission process for applicants and adopting the NSW Development Assessment Best Practice Guide principles to guide internal procedures.

The improvements have seen the number of outstanding DAs remain at less than 200 and have significantly improved the median processing time for all DAs.

In 2017/18 the median processing time was 58 days, while post improvement the median processing time is down to 34 days.

Council continues to manage unprecedented growth in the Shire with 54 Council reports on development matters being tabled during the 2018-19 period and 324 construction certificates issued with a net processing time of 4 days, made possible by additional support offered to applicants prior to lodgement.

Council’s Customer Service team achieved a customer satisfaction rating of an incredible 99%, made possible in part thanks to several customer service improvements implemented to make it easier for people to do business with Council.

As part of the campaign to save vital koala habitat Council gathered and presented over 13,000 signatures to State Parliament in August 2018 and hosted the #SaveOurKoalas Summit at the Appin Community Hall in September 2018, bringing together leading experts and koala advocates to discuss the threats to the species.

One of Wollondilly’s largest events of the year was the rejuvenated Illuminate Wollondilly Festival, attracting thousands of visitors throughout the day and night. Other great programs included the free Summer Beach Bus in January and free pool entry offered to over 55’s during the Seniors Festival.

To have a look at the many other things achieved by Council in 2018/19, have a look at the annual report on the website.