Avoiding Wildlife Collisions on Wollondilly Roads

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Avoiding Wildlife Collisions on Wollondilly Roads

Posted on: 11.01.2018

Did you know that one in every 41 casualty crashes on country roads involves a vehicle hitting an animal? We are lucky to have a wealth of wildlife in our beautiful Shire, though this warmer weather means that many more animals will be crossing roads or foraging on the grass verge.  Slowing down and being prepared, especially near sunrise and sunset, could save a collision or even save your life.

Here are some tips* to consider when driving on rural and semi-rural roads:

  • Be aware - animals are more active near waterholes and creeks, and harder to see at sunrise and sunset
  • Reduce your speed – slow down when you see animal warning signs
  • Stay alert – animals are unpredictable, so expect the unexpected
  • Brake safely – only brake when it is safe to do so if you see an animal on the road
  • Never swerve – it is safer to hit an animal than swerve and lose control of your vehicle
  • Report injured wildlife – call WIRES on 1300 094 737

Hitting an animal is much more likely at dusk and at night. Remember that some animals become hypnotised by the glare of your lights.  If you do spot an animal in your path you should brake, flash your lights and hit the horn – REMEMBER don’t swerve, as this could result in you rolling your car.

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* Content provided by Roads & Maritime Services and Transport for NSW

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