Broughton Pass Update September 2016

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Broughton Pass Update September 2016

Posted on: 28.09.2016

Council has substantially completed the Technical Investigation Stage of the Broughton Pass Project and since the road closure has spent almost $170,000 towards repairing the bridge. This cost includes $94,000 on geotechnical and structural consultants and almost $70,000 on implementing the site safety and environmental controls as well as traffic management on the broader road network.

The factors contributing to the complexity of the Broughton Pass project are:

  1. The Bridge sits above one of Water NSW’s catchment areas for Sydney’s drinking water supply, as well as being in close proximity to the Cataract River. Therefore any works completed must not contaminate the water under the bridge.
  2. Access to the bridge is limited and it will be difficult to bring in the machinery needed to complete the works. Alongside this, the water pump station must remain accessible and functional throughout construction works.
  3. Broughton Pass is a historical structure and has age and heritage considerations. It was originally constructed in the 1880's using dry stacked sandstone blocks and the existing concrete structure of the bridge is approximately 70 years old.

Council is treating the re-opening of Broughton Pass as a high priority, we understand the impact this is having on the community, especially local businesses. However, due to the complex nature of the damage at Broughton Pass, and the dangers road users would be exposed, to it is necessary to maintain the road closure until the bridge is permanently fixed.” statement by Michael Malone, Director Infrastructure & Environment.

Council has been applying its resources, including funding, to manage site safety, implement environmental protection works, providing limited restricted access and investigating the site and structures in order to develop a solution for re-opening Broughton Pass.

Council has also established a Broughton Pass Task Force, under the Wollondilly Recovery Committee, as a forum for seeking additional advice from state Agencies such as Roads & Maritime Services, Water NSW, Office of Environment & Heritage and the Department of Premier & Cabinet.

Site Investigations Undertaken to Date:

  • The Review of Environmental Factors: Partially completed.
  • Geotechnical Investigation: Completed and a summary of the work can be found in the Broughton Pass section of the website.
  • Structural Analysis: Partially Completed and a final audit and analysis will be conducted once the final design is chosen.
  • Assessment of Temporary Vehicular Access: Council is reviewing the feasibility of providing light vehicle access on the bridge. The review will take into consideration the costs and timeframes necessary to implement this and the logistical implications.

Next Stage:

  • Using the results of the geotechnical and structural investigations, Council will be calling tenders for the detail design and construction of works for reopening Wilton Road.
  • Mr Malone advised that he is using the Emergency Provisions in the tendering Regulations to assist in accelerating the process.

Broughton Pass Draft Schedule of Works

This schedule provides an indication of the likely timeframes for the re-opening of Broughton Pass and is subject to change as the project circumstances become clearer or alter.

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