Bus Safety Week 6-12 November 2016

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Bus Safety Week 6-12 November 2016

Posted on: 08.11.2016

Wollondilly Shire Council and Picton Buslines are asking our Community to join in staying safe around buses during bus safety week 6-12 November 2016 as part of the ‘Be Bus Aware’ Transport for NSW campaign.

This campaign aims to reinforce the importance of bus-related safety issues and raise awareness of road rules to promote safer on-road interactions between pedestrians, motorists, bicycle riders and buses.

Chris Moule of Picton Buslines advises that “buses can’t pull up as quick as cars can therefore it is important for drivers to remember to allow more space for buses, not merge or pull out too closely in front of buses and always reduce your speed to 40 km/h when Wig Wag School Bus lights are flashing. “

Chris also emphasizes the importance of pedestrians, cyclists and motor cycles need to be very aware around buses as they can be much harder to see compared to cars and other vehicles on the road.

Michael Malone, Director Infrastructure & Environment, has asked the Community to “travel safely and be mindful of road safety to help prevent road-related injuries around the roads of Wollondilly.”

For more information on this media release please contact Fran P: 4677 9644