Council calls for road name suggestions

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Council calls for road name suggestions

Posted on: 30.07.2018

Wollondilly Council is seeking road name suggestions from residents, community groups and schools for the many new roads which are appearing around the Shire.

Each year, Council receives applications for new developments and sub-divisions with their own internal roads.

Council’s street name register allows land owners and developers to select a street or road name allocated to a specific township that has been approved by the Geographical Names Board.

Mayor Judith Hannan said, “By involving local people in the road naming process, Council hopes to represent our local community and preserve our history as we facilitate future growth.”

“Council is asking for suggestions based on the themes of local Aboriginal heritage, early explorers, pioneers, settlers and historical figures and natural environment, marine, flora or fauna,” she said.

Suggested road names require background information such as where the name comes from, how it connects with the community, if the name is commemorative, who or what the road is named after, the relevance of the name and any historical reference or dates.

Names which commemorate a person can only be used after the person is deceased.

Once they are submitted, the road names will be assessed against a standard criteria and must then be approved by Council and the Geographical Names Board of NSW.

To make sure proposed names are not already in use, individuals can make initial checks on Council’s mapping web service by calling Council.

Residents whose submissions are adopted 

and used in the Shire will be notified and receive a recognition certificate for being involved in the project.

The Road Name Suggestion Form is available from Council’s website or from Council’s Administration Building, Picton Library or by calling Council directly on 4677 1100.

For more information or assistance on suggesting road names, contact Barbara Weber on 4677 9736.