Council Launches New Online DA Tracker

Council Launches New Online DA Tracker

Posted on: 26.11.2019

In response to calls from Wollondilly residents seeking more information about development in their area, Council is launching a new online DA Tracker at the beginning of December.

The DA Tracker is located on the Council website and will help residents view all new development applications that have been lodged or were undetermined as at 1 September 2019. It features an interactive map that can display the whole Shire or individual properties.

Residents will be able to search for all undetermined applications, those on exhibition, applications submitted to Council and those that have been determined. The DA Tracker also allows community members to have their say on a development by lodging a submission online.

Mayor Matthew Deeth said, “We’ve listened to the community and have heard that they want more information and more transparency about the development application process.”

“This system is user friendly and easy to navigate. Even better, it was developed in-house by Council, so it is at no extra cost to ratepayers.”

“It offers the community the convenience of being able to access information and interact with Council at all times, not just during core business hours,” he added.

“We’ve recognised that Council needs to evolve to meet the needs of the twenty first century and community expectations. This means that we are providing additional digital services that improve accessibility no matter the location within the Shire.” “This is the first step towards transforming many services within Council to deliver a better experience for our ratepayers.”

The DA Tracker gives residents a simple way to view the documents associated with a development application while it is under assessment. When the application has been determined, residents can go online to view the determination, any conditions of consent and approved plans.

Residents can follow the progress of an application and see the various tasks that need to be undertaken as part of the assessment process.

With the rollout marked for 2 December 2019, information will be available 24 hours a day, in an easy to use and secure platform.

The December launch signifies the beginning of the process, with the DA tracker expected to evolve and expand over time to meet the needs of the growing Wollondilly community.