Council supports adoption of the Good Neighbour Charter

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Council supports adoption of the Good Neighbour Charter

Posted on: 31.10.2016

On 17 October 2016 Council supported the adoption of the Good Neighbour Charter relating to the Wollondilly Poultry Industry. This Charter has been developed to promote a collaborative approach to mitigate the impact caused by farming operations. Supported by the NSW Department of Primary Industries and NSW Farmer’s Federation the charter will invite relevant stakeholders to sign the charter and in doing so commit to the principles contained within.

The Good Neighbour Charter arose from the ongoing discussions between representatives from the poultry industry, Council, state agencies and resident representatives. This included an extended community and industry consultation program implemented in 2016 regarding poultry in the area.  Two workshops were held in June 2016 and attended by more than 200 people

The charter encourages the parties to keep communication lines open and jointly share the community liaison role whilst ensuring a focus on environmental performance. 

Luke Johnson, General Manager said “The Wollondilly local government area is one of Australia’s most important producers of poultry (turkey and chicken).  Overall there is a positive co-existence between the poultry industry and nearby residents, however rural land use conflicts can arise from time to time. The Good Neighbour Charter is a commitment by Council to develop a multilayered approach to address concerns raised by residents in relation to farm operations”.

Chris Stewart, Director Planningsaid, “The Good Neighbour Charter seeks to achieve continuous improvement in terms of farm practice and community engagement to ensure that we achieve a balance between industry needs and resident expectations for rural living.”