Council warns about the dangers of Mermaids Pool

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Council warns about the dangers of Mermaids Pool

Posted on: 25.01.2018

Wollondilly Shire Council has issued another warning about the dangers of entering the water at Mermaids Pool, Tahmoor after a swimmer was injured at the waterhole on Sunday and had to be helicoptered out.

Multiple deaths and serious injuries have occurred at the location in the past few years, placing a strain on local emergency services and causing distress to all involved.

Mayor Judith Hannan said, “Council is very concerned for the safety of visitors to our area and we urge people to think twice before planning a swim at Mermaids Pool.”

“Diving or jumping into any river is dangerous, but jumping from an elevated rock platform in an area that has no vehicular access, limited mobile phone coverage and no safe means of climbing back out of the river is extremely dangerous.”

Commenting on behalf of Camden Local Area Command, Inspector Michael Bright said, “The Mermaids Pool area is a dangerous area to swim and hike, the terrain is rough and access is difficult for Police and emergency services.”

“The requirement for Emergency Services to attend requires extensive resources from Police, NSW Fire and Ambulance to be diverted from other duties and usually over a protracted period of time.”

“Over the past 14 months many people have been injured jumping into the water, with quite a few suffering serious injuries requiring the NSW Ambulance Helicopter to attend and winch them out. In December 2016 a 27 year old male International Student from Pakistan died at the location,” he said.

It is not practical to physically restrict access to the natural landscape of the Crown Reserve along the river, so Council encourages those who do choose to visit Mermaids Pool to take extreme care while walking and stay out of the water.

General Manager Luke Johnson stated, “Mermaids Pool, Tahmoor is an extremely dangerous place and not suitable for recreational swimming. Multiple deaths and serious injuries have occurred at the location in the past few years. If you jump or dive into the waterhole, there is a severe risk of harm due to uneven water depth, hidden obstacles such as rocks or snags and currents under the surface. There is no safe exit point from the waterhole and many people have slipped and fallen while trying to get out of the water.”

“The site is difficult to access and when incidents occur they put a heavy strain on local Emergency Services. Poor mobile phone coverage adds to the obvious risks.”

“There is no public parking or on-road parking on Rockford Road near the Mermaids Pool and fines will be issued for vehicle owners who park illegally. If you choose to visit Mermaids Pool, you do so at your own risk.”