Council welcomes WaterNSW position on Mining in Water Catchment

Council welcomes WaterNSW position on Mining in Water Catchment

Posted on: 16.05.2019

Wollondilly Shire Council has welcomed recommendations from WaterNSW in its submission to an independent expert panel to restrict future mining operations to help protect water supply in the catchment and reduce environmental impacts.

The position taken by WaterNSW has strong relevance to a number of current and approved mining projects in the Wollondilly Local Government Area.

A Sydney Morning Herald article stated that the WaterNSW submission had called for restrictions on future mining at South32's Dendrobium Mine at Appin as well as Peabody Coal's Metropolitan Mine and that “millions of litres of water are being lost daily” as a result of mining operations.

The Independent Expert Panel for Mining in the Catchment was established to provide informed expert advice to the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) on the impact of mining activities on the quantity of water in the Sydney Catchment area.

In June 2018, Council supported the establishment of the Independent Expert Panel as a means of obtaining enhanced scientific certainty in relation to the impacts of mining operations on both the quality and quantity of water sources within the Catchment and to address community concerns regarding this matter.

Mayor Matthew Deeth said, “I am afraid that the State Government is heading towards potential disaster where Sydney and Wollondilly’s water supply is compromised.”

“The protection of water supplies and overall management of the Catchment is paramount if we are to ensure its supply for our community and our future generations. We have received a strong level of feedback from the Wollondilly community as it directly impacts our drinking water supply.”

“This issue was raised as part of consultation held during the preparation of Council’s Community Strategic Plan.  Council will continue advocating on these community concerns to both the Panel and Government.”

“The Terms of Reference for the expert panel require a further report on the impacts of mining on water quantity. Council looks forward to the public release of this report,” he said.