Council’s Road Tracker shows what’s happening on Wollondilly roads

Council’s Road Tracker shows what’s happening on Wollondilly roads

Posted on: 06.04.2020

Wollondilly residents can find out which road renewal projects are scheduled for their area, using Council’s ‘Road Renewal Tracker’ on the Council website.

Council's crews are working hard to deliver essential services for the community, complete repairs following recent flooding and carry out major projects in line with the 6-year Capital Works Program; all while adapting to the current COVID-19 climate.

The road tracker can be found by clicking the icon on the landing page of Council’s website,

The tracker is a simple tool which utilises google maps to display scheduled work across the Shire in an easy-to-use format.

Mayor Matthew Deeth said, “The road tracker is a user friendly way to find out what roadworks are scheduled near your home and on the roads you regularly travel on.”

“It’s a really great tool to visualise where and how we manage over 850km of road network across the Shire and how we prioritise works.”

“Our roads renewal program will continue to be delivered during this COVID-19 pandemic, with physical distancing and other safety measures in place.”

“Our maintenance and repair programs will also continue as an essential service to the Wollondilly community,” he said.