Cubbitch Barta Reserve - Timber Structures

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Cubbitch Barta Reserve - Timber Structures

Posted on: 01.06.2017

Due to the discovery of termite damage to a number of the timber structures throughout Cubbitch Barta Reserve, Camden Park, Council has closed the affected structures until these issues can be rectified.

An independent engineering assessment of all the timber structures throughout the reserve has been conducted and has identified a number of issues with Bridges 1, 2 and 3,  as well as the boardwalk.

Termite treatment has commenced for all structures and an inspection will be carried out in three weeks to check if the structures are safe and to determine any additional treatment needs.

Additional maintenance work will be carried out at the reserve after the termite treatment has been completed.

These works are expected to be carried out during June/July. Council apologises for any inconvenience caused to residents by these closures and we hope to have the reserve back to its original state soon.

For further information contact Council on 4677 1100 or email