Dilly Wanderer excels at improving access to services and information

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Dilly Wanderer excels at improving access to services and information

Posted on: 09.12.2016

Wollondilly Shire Council, and the Wollondilly Health Alliance, have returned triumphant after attending the 4th World Congress on Integrated Care, receiving First Runner Up for their paper on “Improving Access to Services and Information for Hard to Reach Populations”.

Ally Dench, Executive Director of Wollondilly Shire Council and Paige Brown, Project Manager for the Wollondilly Health Alliance (WHA), presented to an international audience of integrated health and social care professionals on the work of the Dilly Wanderer and its contribution to the community.

Implemented in 2006 by Wollondilly Shire Council the Dilly Wanderer mobile mini-bus is used by Council and the WHA as a community engagement and information service. It visits towns and villages in the Shire providing information to community members and activities for children and families to participate in.

Over a short period the Dilly Wanderer has generated positive community engagement, improved health literacy and social connectedness and expanded its reach to remote areas of the Shire. Furthermore it has tailored its services to meet the health needs of the towns or villages it visits.

Executive Director of Wollondilly Shire Council, Ally Dench said “The Dilly Wanderer is but one example of local government working in partnership with various sectors to address public health and health equity challenges.”

“It is through these partnerships that the Dilly Wanderer has been able to deliver workshops and education sessions, facilitate walking groups and take part in local community events.”

Project Manager for the WHA, Paige Brown said “The vision of the Wollondilly Health Alliance is that the community is healthier, finds it easier and quicker to access services, enjoys quality services and has a say in the development and provision of health services that affect them.”

“The Dilly Wanderer is one tool that the WHA has enhanced so that it can engage potentially isolated individuals and families at risk of poor health due to deficits in social connectedness, health literacy, nutritional choices and physical activity.”

The Dilly Wanderer visits the towns and villages of Wollondilly each week, for a copy of the schedule visit the Resident section of Councils website, www.wollondilly.nsw.gov.au.