Dog Attacks

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Dog Attacks

Posted on: 12.10.2016

Dog attacks in the Wollondilly Council Shire have unfortunately been on the increase lately.  Most recently, Council has received reports and investigated the killing of livestock of up to 40 lambs on a property in Orangeville.

The killing of livestock by dogs is an extremely unpleasant situation for all involved including the owner of the animals, people who witness the attacks and the investigating Council Rangers.  It is extremely distressing for the livestock involved as they are often left to suffer with horrific injuries before they die or before treatment can be provided.

Attacks on livestock are most commonly carried out by dogs that have not been satisfactorily contained within their own property.  Under the Companion Animals Act 1997, the owner of a dog must take all reasonable precautions to prevent the dog from escaping from the property on which it is being kept.  A failure to prevent a dog escaping carries a penalty of $220.

Owners are responsible for their pet's actions.  If your dog attacks or injures another person or animal it may be declared menacing or dangerous, and there are serious consequences which may include:

  • strict enforcement for confining your animal
  • your dog may be seized and destroyed
  • up to $550 fine or Court prosecution if your dog kills/rushes at/attacks/bites/harasses/chases any person or animal, or
  • the owner of a dog may be liable for damages in respect of injury to another animal caused by the dog

Council takes all dog attacks seriously.  Dog attacks should be immediately reported to Council by phoning 02 4677 1100 - this number should also be used for after hours attacks.

For further information contact Council’s Communications Section on 46 77 9644.