Fines for illegally parked vehicles on Rockford Road

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Fines for illegally parked vehicles on Rockford Road

Posted on: 01.02.2018

Wollondilly Shire Council Rangers have increased their patrols at Rockford Road, Tahmoor near Mermaids Pool to address an ongoing issue with people parking unsafely along the road.

General Manager Luke Johnson said, “There is no public parking or on-road parking on Rockford Road near the Mermaids Pool.”

He noted, “Parking is prohibited along Rockford Road in this vicinity, as signposted, and numerous fines have been issued to people who are parking illegally.”

Regular parking patrols will continue and a $257 Penalty Infringement Notice may be issued each time a driver fails to observe the “No Stopping” signs.

“I am sure our community recognises the important safety reasons for this approach by Council,” Mr Johnson said.

Mr Johnson also reiterated Council’s concerns about the risks associated with entering the water at Mermaids Pool.