Helping Native Wildlife after the Bushfires

Helping Native Wildlife after the Bushfires

Posted on: 23.01.2020

The Wollondilly Community have been asking Council how they can help local wildlife that are injured or displaced, or that are in need of food and water sources as a result of the recent bushfires.

To help answer the community’s concerns, Council has collated information on the 2019/20 Fire Season web page titled ‘Injured Wildlife and Animal Welfare’ which provides links to information available from government departments and other organisations working to care for injured and distressed native wildlife. The web page includes tips on the best ways to help native animals. Information on responding to the needs of agricultural animals is also available.

Council encourages leaving out clean fresh water and is currently working on providing some water stations throughout the Shire in fire and drought affected areas.

Councildoes not encourage feeding wildlife because they have very special and diverse dietary needs. Most wildlife are not used to being close to or handled by humans and therefore this can cause them distress. Nevertheless we do provide some information on suitable food as we know that many people will feel compelled to feed distressed wildlife.

People should never handle snakes, bats or flying foxes, instead should call a wildlife organisation immediately. If you need to contact one of these organisations or if you are interested in caring for wildlife or becoming a volunteer, please contact Wires on 1300 094 737 or Sydney Wildlife (02) 9413 4300.  For non-native species contact the RSPCA or a vet.