Issues with Bin Service

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Issues with Bin Service

Posted on: 18.01.2016

Wollondilly Shire Council’s has a relatively new waste collection contractor JR Richards. On the whole we have received positive feedback about the new service, however we are still ironing out some minor issues. There is a waste hotline that you can call on 1800 805 305 if you have any of the following questions or concerns when using the service: 

  • Missed service
  • To order larger or smaller bins
  • Contamination issues
  • What can go in the bins
  • Lost or stolen bins
  • Bins that have been tagged and not collected
  • Bins that have been only half emptied for any reason
  • Bulky household clean up
  • Illegal dumping issues.

There is also waste information available on Council’s website. Council aims to have any questions or concerns addressed as soon as possible.