Major Road Project nears Completion

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Major Road Project nears Completion

Posted on: 14.08.2018

One of Wollondilly Council’s most anticipated projects for the year, the road reconstruction project at Finns Road Menangle, is nearing completion with final drainage works under way.
The road is a popular thoroughfare through to Campbelltown, used by many Wollondilly and Camden drivers in peak commuting times. Due to the extremely busy location, the project team decided to complete the roadworks at night to reduce the impact on traffic.

Council’s engineers reported that over 6,683 tonnes of asphalt was placed in the course of the works, covering a total area of 17,079m². The asphalt work was completed over 13 shifts, averaging 514 tonnes per shift, or around 1,300m² per night.

Director Infrastructure & Environment, Michael Malone explained, “The asphalt used was a high strength mix in line with RMS specifications, suited to the requirements of the location. The work consisted of an overlay of the existing road to minimise spoil disposal.”

Apart from asphalting, the project also involved filling in the road shoulders along overlay and constructing new batters.

The Works team managed to use over 2000 tonnes of material in the batter work; material that would otherwise have required disposal at a cost to Council and the community.
Aside from the obvious advantages to local drivers who will be able to enjoy a much smoother ride, an unforeseen benefit of the project to the community has been the reported increase in sales at the Menangle Store due to the workers stopping in for snacks on their breaks.