More jobs planned for Wollondilly, as Council endorses draft Economic Development Strategy for economic recovery

More jobs planned for Wollondilly, as Council endorses draft Economic Development Strategy for economic recovery

Posted on: 20.05.2020

15,000 new jobs for Wollondilly, that’s the ambitious 20 year target proposed post Covid-19 in the Draft Wollondilly Economic Development Strategy that was endorsed at Tuesday night’s Council Meeting.

The focus of the Strategy is to set out a clear pathway to build the local economy and create thousands of local jobs over the coming years, to benefit all of the community.

With the Wollondilly Shire now one of the fastest growing local government areas in New South Wales, expected to reach almost 100,000 people by 2041, the goal of the Strategy is to support specific growth opportunities and create jobs for local residents.

Wollondilly has a very high 73% of resident workers that have to leave the Shire for work every day.

Mayor Matthew Deeth emphasised the need for thousands more new jobs in the area to improve the quality of life for residents and support growth as well as to help the Shire recover from the significant recent impacts of bushfire, flood and Covid-19.

“We need about 15,000 new jobs across the Shire in the next 20 years so we can lower the rate of residents having to leave the Shire for work, build better lives for our residents and boost our local economy,” he said.

“To generate new employment, we need to have a proactive approach toward economic development and take up the opportunities that are available.”

“Our proximity to Sydney and the new Airport, our amazing natural environment, unique towns and villages and existing agricultural production give us a competitive advantage for the future,” he added.

Since the previous Economic Development Strategy was adopted in 2015, major changes in the region have impacted the local economy including the new Western Sydney Airport and Aerotropolis, the Agribusiness Precinct, the proposed M9 Corridor, the Western Sydney City Deal, as well as impacts of Covid-19. 

Wollondilly is well placed to take advantage of some of these changes and with unique industry growth opportunities in areas such as agri-business, tourism, healthcare, industry and professional services.

“We also need investment in vital local infrastructure like the Picton bypass and high quality public transport to serve our major towns and villages,” Mayor Deeth added.

The next 20 years will be pivotal in the history of Wollondilly and Council has a crucial role to play to make sure that the future is bright for residents, businesses and visitors.

The Draft Economic Development Strategy will be on public exhibition until Wednesday, 17 June 2020.