Mowbray Park Farm Holidays hits the TV screen in Asia

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Mowbray Park Farm Holidays hits the TV screen in Asia

Posted on: 11.01.2016

In excess of 100 million people in Asia will see Wollondilly’s Mowbray Park Farm Holidays featured in the popular Asian program “Travelling with Parents”. A crew of 78 people came to Mowbray Park on 7 January to film the farm stay adventure with an “A” list Asian celebrity holidaying with their child.

 The format of “Travelling with Parents” has the parents of an ‘A’ list celebrity holidaying with their family, they are set some work tasks and the celebrity has to demonstrate humility, hard work and being shoulder to shoulder with their family throughout the tasks.

 “I had one family with me whilst I was shearing, they cleared the floor, loaded the press and moved sheep around for me. I had them ‘rescue’ a lamb and hand feed it. Other tasks were mustering cattle we also had a camp fire scene, outdoors dinner and games in the field. These games included four of our staff and the four families,” said Blair Briggs, Manager Mowbray Park Farm Holidays.

 The shoot went for about 13 hours, with the program airing at the end of this January and is shown throughout Asia.