Native Nursery Plants Resist Drought

Warragamba Panorama

Native Nursery Plants Resist Drought

Posted on: 17.08.2018

Along with the rest of NSW, the Wollondilly Shire is facing the impacts of a severe drought which can be observed right across the local landscape.

Certain native species can actually assist in fighting the effects of drought, and some of these are available from the Wollondilly Community Nursery in Wonga Road, Picton.

The Nursery grows native plants to help maintain the diversity of the natural bushland of our area and to encourage residents to plant local stock by providing a selection of plants free of charge.

Manager Environmental Outcomes Alex Stengl said, “We receive terrific feedback from residents who have been taking advantage of Council’s commitment to the environment by providing native plants free of charge for over twenty years.”

“In that time gardens have come to maturity, people have won garden competitions, schools have beautified their grounds and used the plants as an educational resource; but by far the greatest joy for the residents is the wildlife that come to their gardens and in particular the diversity birds,” she said.

The plants that are grown at the nursery are predominately sourced from local growers, ensuring genetic integrity and making sure that they have the inbuilt resilience to survive the extremes of the seasons, including drought.

Residents are entitled to twenty free plants a year and as recent statistics have shown, Wollondilly gardeners are taking advantage of this mutually beneficial offer.

The plants are grown and propagated by a dedicated team of volunteers, some of whom have been volunteering since the Nursery was first opened over twenty years ago. From July 2017 until July 2018 over 14,000 native plants have been given out to local residents.

The Nursery also has display gardens that exhibit the ability of certain species to survive extremes in weather conditions such as frost and drought, relying solely on rainwater for survival. Interested residents can call 4677 1100 for more information about when the Community Nursery is open.