New era of digital service for Wollondilly Council

New era of digital service for Wollondilly Council

Posted on: 07.04.2020

Wollondilly Council is heralding a new era of digital service with the implementation of the first stage of its new customer transaction portal.

Moving towards the goal of using the very best technology to offer all transactional services online and making a huge business efficiency improvement, Council has had a successful test run of the new platform Salesforce.

Over 900 letters to renew approval to operate on-site sewage disposal systems were sent out this week using the fully automated process.

The system allows for online payments for a range of services including Development Applications, Construction Certificates, booking of facilities and much more.

Mayor Matthew Deeth said, “It’s exciting to see that we are embracing innovation and improving the customer experience for our residents.”

“The current COVID-19 situation highlights the need to be able to be flexible and do business from wherever you are; so it’s timely that Council is on the journey to maximising online service delivery.”

“Many transactions that have traditionally been done in person or over the phone will now be done online, saving time and money for the organisation and ultimately our ratepayers,” he said.

Salesforce is part of an integrated service delivery program that will give Council a quantum leap forward in business efficiency.  Even in this pilot Council will save $150,000 in labour over a three year period, making it a valuable tool in increasing efficiencies and saving dollars for ratepayers.