New Water Refill Stations Launched in Wollondilly

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New Water Refill Stations Launched in Wollondilly

Posted on: 16.02.2018

Five new water refill stations have been installed across the Wollondilly Shire to make it easier to access drinking water in public places and to reduce the use of plastic bottles.

Council, in partnership with Sydney Water, is promoting sustainability by encouraging people to refill their water bottles with fresh tap water at the new water refill stations.

The stations are located at Appin Park, Warragamba Recreation Reserve, Tahmoor Skate Park, Picton Botanical Gardens and outside Picton Library in Menangle Street.

Mayor Judith Hannan said, “This is a great initiative to encourage people to avoid bottled water by using their own refillable bottles.”

“The water stations will provide a convenient and safe source of water for people when they are out and about as well as helping our local environment.”

Sydney Water removes over one million plastic bottles from waterways each year across their area of operations.

Kelly Climo, Senior Advisor at Sydney Water said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Wollondilly Shire Council to provide the community with high quality drinking water in convenient locations.”

“We have some of the best drinking water in the world and it’s already filtered by Sydney Water.”

“The availability of the water stations will help the family budget of local residents and the environment by providing free water, rather than them purchasing bottled water,” she said.

To operate the water station, a button is held down to provide a continuous stream of water to fill the bottles. The stations can also be operated with one hand, to allow for people juggling their bags, children or pets.

Most of the stations have dog bowls attached so the furry residents of Wollondilly can also enjoy a fresh drink of water.

A feature of the dog bowls is that they fill up as the pet owner places their foot on a button at the base of the station and the bowl slowly raises as the foot is lifted. As a result, the water in the bowl is always clean and fresh.